Your team has to be the right for your business. Each individual needs to fit into your culture and they need to have the skills the company actually needs and that no one else on the team has.

Your team has to be the right for your business.

Shweta Jhajharia of The London Coaching Group has spent 17 years coaching small businesses and has observed six elements that distinguish the truly winning teams from the failing ones.

However, if you are unable to lead them and direct the flow of that team work towards the goals of the business, their strengths will be either unused or wasted.

Everyone on your team should know, clearly and precisely, what they are aiming for individually, and how their goals contribute to the larger goal of the business.

The best teams have the room to be creative, to take risks and to try new things, while keeping within limits of what is non-negotiable in order to ensure that innovation is directed towards results and not wasted energy or worse, negative outcomes.

This means you need to lay out a plan for the business and then, importantly, share that plan with your team.

In fact, growth more often than not comes from your motivated employees seeing opportunities that you may have missed otherwise.

Leadership pulls a team together, but it is through management that you accelerate them.

In a nutshell, management is about making sure that the preparations are in place, that the systems are operating properly and that the proper leverage is…

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